About Me

Brief Bio

I’m Matt Cooper, currently living and working in Perth, Western Australia (WA). I studied at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, completing a BCA (Commerce and Administration) in Marketing and a BSc (Science) in Statistics and Applied Statistics.

I’m currently (Oct 11) approaching my 5th year as a Biostatistician, working at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research (ICHR). My work covers a range of areas including a type 1 diabetes and the emerging treatment technologies, epidemiology of epilepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spetrum disorder (ASD) and youth nutrient intake.

Prior to starting at ICHR, I worked at the University of Western Australia in a Genetic Epidemiology research group, undertaking genetic association studies predominately in the area of cardiovascular disease and obstructive sleep apnea.

So why the blog?

There are a lot of R blogs out there, a lot, and at some point I will endeavour to list/review some of them. I am doing this mainly as my own person wiki/code dumping ground, and since I’m pro sharing and collaborating I thought it best to store this on the web on the off chance that someone googles something and one of my posts helps, simple as that.

My R related posts are submitted to the endlessly useful R-bloggers site: http://www.R-bloggers.com for all your regular R blogging needs.

What are my other interests?

Huge NFL fan (go Chargers), which is a bit tough being on this side of the world, big EPL fan (go Chelsea), big Rugby fan (go All Blacks), I play guitar, enjoy photography, am completely anal when it comes to customer service and love spending time with my wife and our son.

Other things?

A list of my bookmarks can be found here http://www.delicious.com/nzcoops.

About the blog?

It is hosted freely by the people at wordpress. All file downloads are hosted freely at FileDEN.

Anything to say? Get in touch!


Is all.

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